Auto Repair & Maintenance - Our Specialty


We provide auto high-quality repair & maintenance by the hand of a 20+ year-experienced mechanic.

Our services include:

  • Oil Change
  • Every 15K Check-up serivces
  • Body work
  • Window tint

What makes our repair/maintenance service different?


Oil Change

We change filters to the genuine brand quality every time. In addition to changing the oil, we inspect tires, check for tire's air pressure, brakes, brake pads, and front and back bulbs. Synthetic oil change available upon request. If you buy a car from us, we will give you a free car wash.


15K Check-ups

We will not replace parts unless it is absolutely necessary. We will not add and charge parts like many service places do. In fact, upon request, our mechanic will be able to show you where it needs to be replaced. By doing so, you see it for yourself the reasonableness of such repair. Also, it saves cost for you, and prevents you from future damages to your car. Free quotes are also available upon request.


Easy to see Invoice (view sample here)

Have you noticed that most of the auto repair invoices are hard to read and understand? That is because it is filled with technical terms and subtly thrown in charges that were not really necessary. In order to avoid this, our invoices are easy to see and understand. If you have any questions about why a certain service was made, please feel free to ask any one of our staff. We will be happy to explain it for you.

For any services, Please make an appointment